iQniter Cardio Training is an innovative and effective way to distinguish your  facility against your competitors. For a small investment, your facility gets a  complete solution that provides real added value for your members and instructors. Additional products of the highest quality from Suunto and iQniter complement your business and generate repeat sales of heart rate belts and watches.


SUUNTO – iQniter Heart Rate Belt

The personal iQniter Smart Sensor belts are the tool that keeps your members engaged and motivated over the long term. A personal heart rate belt gives accurate feedback during a session and after. Sales of heart rate belts build year after year with new and current members. The iQniter smart sensor is Bluetooth smart compatible, and can be used with Bluetooth smart devices like smartphones and Suunto watches. 


Suunto Heart Rate and GPS Watches

Suunto is a leading designer and manufacturer of sports instruments for  training, diving, mountaineering, skiing, sailing and golf. Suunto and iQniter help people at all levels analyze and improve their performance.  We recommend 2-3 models which we know offer great options.