iQniter Cardio Training

AdmiQ and BasiQ+ form the core of iQniter Cardio Training.  In AdmiQ, heart rate belts are registered once and then  BasiQ+ uses the iQniter Team Receiver and iQniter Smart  sensor heart rate belts to display heart rate, % of maximum heart rate, calorie consumption, plus more for unlimited  participants on the big screen TV or projector.




iQniter Session Design

In DesiQner, instructors plan sessions based on intensity profiles. Sessions can link directly to the facility via iQniter BiQing with session being presented on your big screen, or Session cue cards can be printed off and used as needed. With DesiQner copy and paste functions, designing sessions are simple and can be shared with other instructors via  the iQniter cloud. DesiQner is free to anyone and can be downloaded on your PC from Get it today and bring your vision to the big screen




iQniter BiQing

BiQing enables playback of planned sessions made in  DesiQner. BiQing is an optimal tool to communicate how long and hard the participants will work out and where they are in relation to the plan. This visualization allows everyone to push their limits and get results. The tool is simple,  visually appealing and the possibilities are endless.  Reach new levels of motivation, engagement and  elevate the training experience.



The iQniter split-screen function allows the instructor to manage the session, monitor the participants and keep the class screen clear of clutter and distraction. You control which heart rate zones, colors and numbers to display (up to 5 per tile). Each user screen tile is customized in size according to the number of participants so that the screen is always filled with boxes and feedback is always visible.

You pick your nickname to be displayed on the screen, allowing you to remain anonymous if you like. Heart rate is displayed as number of heart beats per minute. The heart rate is shown as a percentage of maximum heart rate.

Instant Feedback

After the training session is completed an emailed report is automatically and instantly sent to the participant and a summary report for all the participants is sent to the instructor. This is a great tool for evaluation and an excellent quality assurance tool for sessions and instructors!




The personal report contains information on the time spent in various heart rate zones, maximum and average heart rate, Peak Training Effect, training history, and more.

Movescount is Suunto’s free online training portal where  all training with iQniter can be stored. In Movescount,  facilities can organise their own groups and create  activities, competitions and reward their members.  There is also a Movescount app for iPhone and Android  which measures speed, distance and your route. The iQniter Smart Sensor can also be used with your smartphone when exercising outdoors.