Heart Rate Monitoring 

into Multiple Zones

Broadening the iQniter to a additional training area is simple, all that’s needed is an additional iQniter Team Receiver and additional screens.

iQniter BiQing is the ultimate motivation tools for conducting a group training in your facility. The instructor has an easy to use tool for planning and conducting the session, and the member can during a session get instant feedback of the progress and the remainder of the session.

iQniter BasiQ+ can be used anywhere in your facility to capture activity from your members no matter the activity they make. The current activity can be used on screens in the training area, and the member can see the result after leaving the center. You can also advertise about events and commodities on the screen.

Our experience is that by increasing monitoring into small group fitness, cross fit, functional training area or dedicated PT-zone, all members become aware of how motivating and fun it is when they can follow their efforts in real time and receive feedback on their session. By adding iQniter into multiple zones you will get MORE BENEFITS and MORE BUSINESS.

Extensive Chain support

iQniter AdmiQ supports administration for larger chains. Use your own heartrate zones and make sure they are deployed throughout all clubs in the chain, and let your members use their heartrate sensor in all your clubs. All configurable figures can be managed on chain level, on computer level