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1. iQniter is profitable

Since iQniter’s model is based on sales of personal heart rate belts, watches and the option of video advertising, the system stands alone to provide revenue. iQniter belts are available only to iQniter System owners and are not available on-line at discount sites, which mean members must come to you for belts


2. iQniter is robust, stable and reliable

iQniter and Suunto products are exceptionally dependable and reliable, which makes ‘iQniter – Powered by Suunto’ an obvious choice for both small and large facilities, who want dependable equipment that provides peace of mind.


3. iQniter is scalable and built for future developments in software and hardware

iQniter is Cloud-based, which makes further development, support and backup very dynamic and flexible.


4. iQniter is easy to use – for everyone

No extra work and admin with belts or time-consuming maintenance. The only thing the client does is click on their belt and start training. The system displays the chosen metrics and user nickname on the screen, after training a training report is sent instantly. It could not be easier!


5. iQniter is Long-term

We at iQniter develop and maintain long-term relationships with our customers/partners so that we can collectively expand our knowledge on wearable technology and exercise physiology and better serve your members. This means that we offer much more than just technical solutions. We offer training, lectures and workshops to ensure that your employees can educate your members about heart rate training for maximum results and member retention.


6. iQniter Promotion & Marketing

We offer pre-sale integration with solid marketing materials in various formats and media. We develop and renew campaigns to support you and your efforts to promote heart rate measurement and the sale of HR belts and watches.