iQniter Cardio Training 6~1

Plan, Visualize & Report tools
for a complete
cardio fitness solution


Group training concept with instructor
Auto replay or monitor the session.

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Track Indoor & Outdoor Training
Sessions with iQniter and Movescount
through E-Mails,Apps and Reports


The Complete Cardio TRAINING Solution

As one of the most successful live health monitoring systems in the world, iQniter raises the term TRAINING to a whole new level!

iQniter is very EASY TO USE, and the system’s innovative cloud technology is designed for continuous advancement of the iQniter system. New features are introduced continuously and updated automatically, giving you peace of mind that you have invested in a system for the future. iQniter Cardio Training PLANS, MONITORS and REPORTS exercise data easily and in meaningful ways to offer your facility AN EDGE OVER THE COMPETITION. iQniter enhances the training experience, improves exercise performance and PROVIDES REVENUE OPTIONS beyond just selling heart rate belts.

Group training concept with instructor.  Auto replay or monitor the session



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